Personal Financial Planning

  • Planning includes financial forecasting and taking steps to change your forecast
  • Pension decisions, Retirement income
  • Insurance planning
  • Tax planning
  • Tax & Estate issues including estimate of death taxes

Estate Planning

  • Forecasting your income tax liabilities & recommendations to reduce costs
    • Charitable giving
    • Tax planning – Testamentary trusts/ gifting
    • estimate if your estate will have enough cash to pay taxes
    • balance out gifts – some have taxes attached!
  • Planning to Receive an inheritance
    • Forecasting income tax liabilities
    • Info on how things are treated
    • Info on optimal structures

Financial & Tax Planning


  • Meet to discuss your objectives.
    I gather data to prepare a personal net worth statement, cash flow statement and tax information/ tax values to determine where you stand now.
  • I prepare a report with recommendations and an action plan.
  • We meet and make decisions on what recommendations to act on.


I deal with mutual fund investments and life insurance products. I refer professionals for wills & trusts, powers of attorney and lending products.

I monitor your investments and we periodically meet to review and update your situation.

Tax & Estate/Succession Planning

Financial planning and Estate planning share a similar process except that people’s goals are different which calls for different recommendations.

Estate planning generally has more of a tax focus. I can answer questions such as:

  • What should I be concerned about?
  • How do I best achieve my goals & objectives?
  • What would my tax liability be if I were to die today?
  • How are my beneficiaries taxed?
  • How can I reduce these costs?
  • What about trusts & charitable giving?