About Mark Matsumoto, CPA-CA, CFP, CPA, CEA

“Planning Made Simple” 

  • Personal financial planner since 1992.
  • Personal Financial Plans:  They provide financial frameworks to decide how to allocate your spending (spending/savings/debt/insurance/other)
  • Investments:  Specializes in mutual funds. Will sell for 0% front end commission to all referrals.
  • Insurance: Advises on proper use and application of various insurance products.
  • Wills and Powers of Attorney:  Helps you prepare instructions for your lawyer for preparing your wills, powers of attorney, and other agreements.  ( I am not properly qualified to write wills. )
  • Taxation:  Advises on personal tax, employment expense deductions,  integration of business and personal taxes, death taxes, probate fees, etc., etc.
  • Also prepares income tax returns for clients (separate cost)
  • Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) – This indicates that I can advise you on what to do if you find yourself appointed as the executor of someone’s will.
Why You Should Choose to Work With Mark

  • Easy to work with, experienced, well qualified, nice guy
  • Simplifies and helps you fix your financial issues
  • Will sell you funds for 0% front end commission

When/ Where/ How

  • I create a financial plan to identify financial issues/ holes in your plan and get you “cleaned up” and organized.
  • After we fix the financial planning issues, on an on-going basis, I manage your investment  plan and act as your personal financial resource.
  • I help put proper insurance, wills, power of attorneys in place
  • We consolidate investments and implement your investment plan
  • We review your debts, interest costs, payments and improve if necessary
  • We identify and fix miscellaneous planning issues
  • Once we fix issues identified in your financial plan, it only has to be reviewed periodically
  • I offer flexible hours
  • Can meet in person at my place or yours
  • We meet on an “as needed” or “as wanted” basis
  • Available most of the time for calls, e-mails & texts.


  • Graduated from Cedarbrae CI, Centennial College, University of Toronto
  • Earned a Chartered Accountant  designation in 1989, passed the Canadian Securities Course in 1991, Registered Financial Planner designation in 1995, Certified Financial Planner 1996, Certified Public Accountant (US accountant) 2003, Certified Executor Advisor 2017
  • Board advisor to the JCCC Foundation and former director of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre & JCCC Foundation
  • I play hockey, golf & enjoy a bit of fishing & travelling.